Fauna Growth updates

Some updates in relation to the Fauna in the aquariums…

200ltr Maintank

The Prawns as many other others have been very busy with procreation through the summer. All females have been carrying and releasing eggs to the joy of many. Unfortunately they where on the menu specials for all other inhabitants. Especially the two spotted gobies seemed to know exactly where those treats where coming from and hovered over the prawns that where ready to  release their offspring and snatched those babies away instantly once they where released. I guess most of the prawn offspring had a lifetime of around one second. It was interesting to see how the eggs went transparent towards the end of gestation from being dark brown for around three months. You could nearly see eye spots in them.


Back in early summer the cushion stars have been laying eggs all over the place and their offspring is really starting to get to size.

First picture, one of many Eggs donuts laid around March-April. Second picture a very young juvenile around 1 month old. Third picture is from now, 6 month old and around 10mm across. Its very hard to put a count on them but I would guess there is at least about 30 of them. They are an important part of the cleanup crew especially as they feed on the slimy algea that was covering nearly everything.

After the unexplained demise of all the 10 Pollack juveniles I wanted to give it another go. It wasnt intentionally but during an LRF session (Ultra light fishing) I caught a 6-7cm Pollack and desided, since I had a bucket with me, to bring him home for a few days trial. He has done brilliantly so far, accepted any sort of food, nice full belly and is growing too. First Pictures when I caught him in mid september. He had a split in the tail fin that has grown back.

Very interesting behavior. He rests under the overflow box hidden in the shadows. Then when feeding he shoots out from his liar to snatch the food and gets back under his cover. He is fairly shy and only comes out to swim in the open when I sit quietly for a minute. Very interesting to watch. He is growing a bit too big now nearly measuring about 13cm. He will have to leave soon. Below pictures are from now.

Its very difficult to make a good shot when he is moving about so I have done a video when he is feeding…

60ltr/120ltr Section tank

The Pipefish on the 60l Section tank has shown itself for a shot. Its often hidden but seems to do well. Never seen it feeding but there is plenty of copepods in this part so I guess that should be a good source of food for him.

The two corkwings that I caught as very small juveniles have done extremely well. Originally they where both in the 60l section as they where so tiny (1cm).


Then after a month when they where around 2.5cm some day one of them managed to jump over the other side into the 120l section. Over there I feed pellets very often for all the hermits, prawns and crabs so he started to eat them too and with a big appetite. So this has been going on for about a month now and the size differnece between the two is now extreme. The pellets must have given him a huge boost.


Actually the small one is now also over in the 120l section and didnt start feeding on the pellets so maybe its just that he isnt as greedy as the other one.

This a picture from now, hard to get them together…


Watching these two corkwings grow from so tiny that I couldnt even clearly identify them as corkwings was/is one of the most fascinating things I have experienced since I started this hobby. They are so interesting to watch, they way they move and they way they are constantly inspecting everything for food. Looks really cool too when they stretch their jaw and the dorsal fin with its spines is completely extended. Hope to get a shot of this moment one day.

Another fellow who is still doing well and seemingly finding enough natural food is the flatfish that still keeps baffling me with his weirdest of looks…


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