More surprises

Something new 🙂

A few seavases (?) popped out of the live rock 🙂 Unbelievable the amount of action in this small tank. Every day something new. I checked older pictures to see where they there from the start and just retracted themselves but I couldnt see anything. Not sure if its possible that they actually grew on the stone from scratch in these three days? They are only maybe 2-3mm long now but seem to be growing!
Yesterday I saw what looked like a spawning worm?

All the gobies prawns and grabs seem to enjoy my little setup so far. No fatalities. I am carrying out daily water changes to keep it “clean”.
The bushy rainbow wrack seemed to have regained a bit of colour which is a very welcome surprise.

Looking forward to pick up the actual 200l Aquarium tommorow 🙂

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