Populating the Tank

The weather was very stormy today and it was lashing down for most of the day but luckily it cleared up very nicely towards low tide so I was really happy to be able to do a short collection trip to start populating the tank.

Coral beach it was again as its fairly sheltered and water quality seems very stable as no stream nearby.

The Rockpools where all teaming with live and I got a good few nice small hermits and lots of pawns. It wasnt easy to spot animals as the wind caused the water to ripple so I had to pick the pools that where sheltered. Really wanted some anemones but didnt manage to actually pick one off a stone. Didnt want to hurt them so didnt try too hard. So kept looking for some that are attached to rocks that where not too big for the aquarium. Sounds easier than it is but just before it got dark I hit the jackpot and found a snakelocks liar. About five of them and three where on small rocks 🙂 Really happy! Didnt expect to find them the first time around. Also got a red one and three brownish ones that all seem to be different species (cant wait for my books to identify).

Was hoping for some fish but only got some sandgobies. Actually had a tiny shanny in the net but the wind actually blew it out of the net before I got it in the bucket 😦 Couldnt believe it but there you go. Will get him next time.

Other new things I found where a cushion star and a baby brittle star would be great to see it grow up.

Everything is now added to the tank but where cloudy from rearranging rocks and sand so have to wait with pictures till tomorrow. Cant wait.


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