The Initial Setup

Just a quick description of the initial setup.

I was too impatient (actually like a child before Christmas) to get started so I coudnt wait for the 200l Glass tank I ordered.

I used a 20l plastic tank for the first setup.

Lighting: TMC GroBeam Ultima 600 (6500k), its a 12W LED strip with 5 LED’s intended for freshwater but is a sunlight imitation and in my opinion exactly what you want for a shallow marine or rockpool aquarium. (more on that later)

Pump: 2000lph Powerhead (cheap from allpondsolutions) to get me going but it is quite oversized for this size tank.

I do daily water changes as the amount of biomass in there with seaweeds and all compared to water volume is fairly large. Living close to the shore is handy when you have a project like that.

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