Cant wait to get started

I ordered my aquarium on Friday but couldnt wait to get started so I went rockpooling on Sunday.

It was easy to find the abundant hermits and snails etc but I was after a few gobies or a shanny or blenny.

Also was I after very small animals as until the big one arrives I only have a 20l kids aquarium so dont want to crazily overstock it.

Managed to get 2 small Sand Gobies (?), 2 tiny and 2 bigger hermits, lots of prawns and a few snails. Will have to go over the books once they arrive to find out the exact species names for them.

I think I also found my favoutite seaweed the “bushy rainbow wrack” 🙂

I was also happy to have found what I think is a proper “live rock” as it looked porous and full of live and seaweed.

Here a few pictures of the “setup”

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