Exciting Event

And interesting event happened in my small 20l Plastic tank from the temporary setup. Currently I only use it to hold some fragile pieces of seaweed with various hydroids and bryozoans that I collected after the storms. Also some animals like the two grey snakelocks that I will release shortly. There are about 20 mussels and two hermits and a few periwinkles in there. One evening I saw from far that the snakelocks where all bulbous as if they where feeding, but on what? So I had a closer look and they where feeding indeed.

To my enormous delight the tank was full of at least 200 of some sort of larvae! 🙂 Lots of them got stuck of the snakelocks tentacles so I removed them quickly. I was completely baffled and very excited about this event. I couldnt imagine what it could be as they really looked very prawn like and they was only a small male prawn in there. Someone suggested hermit crab larvae but I think after some research that the hermit larvae has a more oversized head. I still dont know what exactly it is at this stage, would need a microscope for identification. Please anybody that has any idea feel free to comment.

As exciting the event was so was it shortlived. I fed very little phytoplankton, added some copepods and also fed small amounts of live artemia however the next day there was only about 10 remaining and the day after I cannot see any at all. But I am observing some tiny (2mm) crustaecenas that I cannot clearly see and identify. It could be that some have made it and are now not pelagic anymore and already settling on seaweed and structures so it would be hard to see and count them but I doubt they would grow that fast. Will keep this updated…

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